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    Am I addicted already?

    What was originally going to be the following cycyle:

    Test 500 x 12 Weeks

    Turned into the following cycyle...

    week 1 - 20 Test C 500 mg / wk (weeks 16-20 were actually 750)
    Week 1 - 5 Dbol 40 mg / day
    week 9 - 12 Tbol 40 mg / day

    Monday was week 20 and decided to add Anavar @ 50 mg / day. I figure ill do Var for 5-6 weeks, and keep doing test for 2-3 weeks, then PCT.

    So today i go to my mailbox and sure enough a lil package arrives.

    Now I have all these toys I want to play with. Tren E, Clen , Winny tabs...

    I'm an addict!

    If someone can convince me its ok to add Tren E and add another 8 or so weeks to an already long cycle, I'm in !!!!!!!!

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    addicted to looking good.

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    no offense but no one can convince you its a good idea. you are just looking for justification to do what you want to do. since that is the case if you cant wait and want to run just run. 20 weeks is long, adding tren is gonna make it longer. that is gonna be harsh on your hpta. id take some time off to recover and plan your next move. if you dont mind about having extended shut down then...

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    What can go wrong? You thought things through. Look, Dude, if you think you're an addict, you definitely shouldn't be adding gear to your cycle and extending it. On top of that, you don't have any test C left after this week, do you? Even if you do, take a break from the juice. If you can't say "no," then maybe you should get some help. There is a difference between the use of gear and the abuse of gear. Remember that.

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    i have PLENTY of Test C, along with everything else.. I just enjoy it. I cant say im really addicted. its just fun.

    I had low natural test coming in anyway, 320ish

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    off topic. 350z. yeah buddy

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    im on a 24 week cycle it started with dbol sust deca for 12 weeks and now on to tren e and test e for another 12 weeks and just using an aggressive PCT after along with running HCG through tren cycle.

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    Have you been making continous gains on this 20 weeker?

    I would say take a small break before running tren , not just for safety but also to maximize your gains.

    Go to the sticky up top and read.. YOU will want to read THIS!!

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