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    Question Clenbuterol and Poison IVY fml

    Just comming off my second week off, and am going to start the Clen again on Monday (120mcg) a day. But being since I'm an idiot I did some landscaping around the house and now have poision ivy. Went to the Doc, and he prescribed Prednisone a medical use steriod . I have taken it before for poison ivy, and really swelled up and like got fat...
    Should I even start the Clen on monday?

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    Prednisone is a very serious corticosteroid/immunosuppressant

    Do not start the clen when on this stuff if you value your health

    Head down to the diet section and they can help you with your carb cravings from the prednisone use

    Good luck

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    wow, u must have a bad rxn to poision ivy, i just use topical cream and that takes care of the itching along with some benadryl. then just wait it out...

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    yes I am very alergic, so as soon as I noticed a little I went to the doc. I haven't started with the Prednisone yet, cause it hasn't spread as it did last time (yet). I bet it has to do with the 50mg of benadryl a day I have been taking on my down time from the clen . So now I am thinking; if it doesn't get out of control by Monday; I am not going to take the pred. and just start the Clen again. I guess I'll wait till Monday and see wht this poision ivy is going to do.

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