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    See a doc before starting??

    I had a check up and all they do is have a nurse listen to your heart take some pressure readings and other stuff.. Is this enough to know your healthy? Or should I get all blood work done and stuff before I start? Sometime I get heart pains I am only 23 and think it is probaly heart burn or something like that ( GAS )

    What did you guys do prior to starting?

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    Get your bio-chem profile taken.
    It will not only let you know your current health, but allow you to see a norm to get back to after your cycle.

    A good choice all around.

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    I had a stress test done on my heart and blood work, don't know what exactly they tested for but my doc said they test for everything. He said I was healthy as an OX or was that getting as big as an OX. hehe.


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    You don't need to know
    Big as an OX Of course !

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