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    how much of each a week??

    stats :
    6ft 1
    10-12% bf

    right im about to start a 2nd cycle, but after some bad advice off someone who i trusted on my 1st cycle regarding dosages cycle lengths ect i thought id double check with you guys b4 i take his word again........

    i've got some tri tren 150
    and tri test 400

    how much of each should i do a week ? i was thinking 1.5ml of each a week? is that too little or too much? my aim is to bulk up


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    So much wrong mate, you definitely dont need tren for a second cycle..

    Infact at this point i would concentrate more on diet than aas, you need to learn how to eat mate. You do know that your just wasting your money time and effort unless you have a solid diet in place. Please take the time to post your current diet in the diet forum....

    Do not ask me for a source check.

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