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    Question Need Help With Stack

    Hello, I have been lurking on the board for awhile but this is my first post. I am 20 years old, 5 foot 11, and weigh 170 pds. with about 12% bf. I am considering this stack for my next cycle and would like some input.

    Weeks 1-8: Test. @ 500 e.w.
    Weeks 1-8: Deca @ 400 e.w.
    Weeks 1-4: DBol @ 40 e.d.

    Now, I would just like to clarify a few things. I have seen many conflicting views in this area. I know clomid is necessary, but I would like to include HCG and proviron at the end of this cycle. I was considering something like this.

    Week 9: HCG @ 5000 IU's
    Weeks 7-11: Proviron @ 25 e.d./50/50/50/25
    Weeks 9-11: Clomid @ 100 e.d./50/100
    Weeks 9-11: Creatine @ 30g. e.d

    My goals are to basically bulk up. I want to add alot of weight, power, and mass. I plan to do this cycle through the fall and do a cutting one through spring. I will worry about cutting then.

    If you guys, especially the vets, could give me some feedback on this that would be great. Tell me if I should modify or add any ingredients to my cycle. Any input is appreciated.

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    Mike Guest
    ok...what kind of test are you doing? Your cycle looks good but start your clomid TWO weeks after your last shot of deca /sus - mix the deca/sus into two shots so say sunday = 250sus and 200deca and the same later in the week (wednesday) - use milk thistle through wks 1-6 at 700mg/day

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    Cycle sounds good to me but either I would run the Dbal the whole 8 weeks or take it out and run eq at 600mg per weeek for the 8 weeks

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