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    Question on injury...

    I posted this in the injuries section but that section seems slow to say the least... I was hoping I could get a quicker response if I posted it here...


    Hello all....

    Just a quick question. I think I pulled, bruised or strained my left pec. About 3 weeks ago I noticed it was sore, not the type of after workout sore, but a sharp pain sore. So I've been taking it easy on the chest workouts, or anything that really causes my chest to flare up but it's not getting any better. I am assuming that the best thing for me to do now is just stay out of the gym for a couple of weeks. I am currently taking 600mg/week Cyp, 100mg/eod of Masteron , and 300mg/week of Deca . I've been on this cycle for about 8 weeks now. My question...

    Should I just end my cycle now, about 4 weeks early?

    I've seen really great gains, about 15lbs of mass and my bench has gone up nearly 40lbs. I've read that sometimes taking two weeks off during a cycle is good for gains anyways. I just don't want to seriously hurt myself, but at the same time I want to get the most out of my cycle.

    A little more on the chest pain. It's just a real sharp pain about dead center of my left pec, about 2 inches above my nipple. In the morning is when it hurts the worst, after I wake up. I assume that's because the muscle tightened up while resting. If I cough hard, sneeze, even hick-up, I can feel it. I have a vital wrap system that I've been using to ice it throughout the day as I can. I also have a tens unit, but I haven't yet used it. I don't know if the shocking of the muscle would help or hurt it.

    Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

    My stats if needed....

    5' 11"
    28 years old
    6 years or so of lifting experience
    BF - about 6% right now

    thanks for the advice!

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    Your health is always more important than a cycle. In my opinion, if your pectoral muscle or connective tissue is damaged you should stop your cycle, run a pct and take the time to heal your body. Otherwise, you are wasting the gear on a body that is not capable of proper training for growth...

    Go see a physiotherapist and get a professional opinion on the extent of your injury.
    Good luck brotha

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