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    Question What Is The Best Mix With Winny?

    What is the best mix with winny? By the way i do not want Deca -Dick I need the extra cardio. Is Proponate good with it?? and do you really lose almost all the size you gain?

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    Definately yes to Prop. I think the chances of losing your gains w/ Prop are far less than your chances w/ a longer ester testosterone . Heres why IMO: You can take clomid 3 days after last pill and shot and begin recovering the same week. if you have to wait 2 full weeks before yuo can start your recovery your will to workout w/o any androgens in your body, thus no gains, is substantialy diminished. If you dont work out to maintain your gains then why cycle

    If you hate Deca dick then you might not like Tren . Although the amount of gains you get from Tren to me are far greater than the gains from Deca making Fina/Deca dick a tolerable sideeffect. People normally do 525-700mg/week of Tren which is more than the usual 400mg/week of Deca.

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    Mac is on point, Prop is the good ester. But I think most people think they keep more muscle on Prop because they hold less water than on the longer esters, therefore when they come off they aren't sheding water like it was going out of style.


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