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    need help with breaking out in bad sweats while at work

    Hello, I could really use some help. I take 50mcg of t3 daily. I also use bdo for sleep b/c I work nights. I'm an RN. I have been breaking out in super sweats at work and have devoloped a complete heat intolerence. Im fine until I have any amount of physical activity. I have used t3 and bdo for years. I cant figure out which one is doing this to me. Any info or someone with similar problems would help greatly. bubbaboy.

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    Heat intolerance and super sweats r classic hyperthyroid issues. How long on the t3 this time? U really ought to get ur levels checked, free t3 and free t4, tsh, the works. See where ur at. Also if u just started then ur endogenous level may not have compensated and ur free t3 may be to high. Im in the medical field and I've seen a lot of hypothyroid patients have the same symptoms u describe when starting cytomel when its increased or started without slowly titrating from a low dose to compensate for endogenous production taking time to drop off. On the bright side, ur probably burning a **** load of cals. Hope ur on something anticatabolic though cause t3 will eat lbm just as fast as fat if used alone.

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