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    Question anavar PCT

    Hello guys,

    I've bought 300 anavar tabs// 100 clomid tabs.. ill be running this cycle;

    week 1 tm 6 60mg anavar


    my dealer told me to run clomid for 2 weeks for 50mg. I think myself that isnt enough is that right?

    thank you very very much

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    There is a lot of conflicting views on whether or not a PCT is needed for a Var only cycle.

    But lets start from here
    Cycle Experience?
    Training Experience?

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    age 21
    height 182cm
    weight 86-87kg
    bf 9%
    cfirst cycle
    2 years natural training

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    I think that you are a little to young yet. Hit the weight, keep the diet clean and you will see results. Come back again when your 25.
    To many issues can develop at 21 even from var. It can and will shut you down at 60mg per day. Do you really want to be 21 and have problems getting it up.
    Wait is all the advise you will get from this board my friend, sorry if it seems rude.

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    hmm well im already in my 3rd week... but the forums i read ( bb forums all say 21.. ) hehe... can u please gimme some advice about the pct ??

    my side effect so far is low sexdrive thats all =)

    1 thing is sure i dont cycle anymore the next years its actually not worth the stress, im growning very nicely though ! my arms are now 43 cm from 42cm
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