Hey everyone,

I am a 30 year old male that has been diagnosed with Adult Onset Patuitart Disfunction. I have low testosterone and HGH. I have been prescribed OmniTrop for the HGH and it seems to be working pretty good. My question is how to treat the testosterone . I have tried both Testosterone Cyp. and Clomiphene along with HCG . The ClomiPHENE raised my testosterone levels to over 800. The Testosterone Cyp keeps it around 900 to 1000. I do notice a little more lean muscle mass with the Testosterone Cyp...but I also notice water retention and testicular shut down (even though i am on HCG) along with that. The ClomiPHENE has not presented any side effects.

My question is, which is better for muscle building and overal hormonal health, the Clomiphene which is making my body produce its own Testosterone OR the Testosterone Cyp? Is a testosterone level of 850 suficiant for my body building needs?

Any input is much appreciated!