hello there, i wanna know if there r any roids that will help my fitness and endurance levels, ive did my research regarding Eq even though it raises the red blood cells allowing it to carry more oxygen but it is not recommended to endurance athletes(or is it?) on the other hand ofcourse, GH helps alot if any of u guys wants some reference J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Nov;88(11):5221-6

but the main question is that i have read that anavar might help is that possible? please not that i have experience with steroids , i used to be a bodybuilder and i have juiced but ive been off them for over a year and a half now and ive switched to some fitness activities which i am very happy with now

on the other hand, i have to maintain my weight(dont mind loosing a bit more ) so any suggestions?