Hello Guys,

I have been going over in my head the last week or two doing HGH to help me cut that last bit of BF, I am at 195 right now and can get down to 180 with a good bit of ass busting but I want to hit 170 and haven't been able to, after speaking with Marcus he says HGH is just what I want if I can afford it, Which I can if I budget correctly, but then it was said to toss some Test into the cycle. Right now I have rebuilt my whole life around staying in the 180-190 frame as I wear suits 5 days a week and have about 6-7K in suits that I just dont want to toss out.

I feel I could get to 170 with 8% body fat without the HGH and with it I would hope to get to 180 with 6-7% bodyfat but I really am afraid that if I toss in test I will grow beyond that window and wont fit into anything I own anymore.

What do you guys thinks....also I think I can justify about 1500-1600 for the HGH but then when I toss in the test, HCG and PCT I went up about dam near a grand after I add in darts and all the shipping.

For the members that have used HGH or guys that are very familiar with HGH and HGH w/test please let me know what you think. I know Marcus as well as others have worn by adding the Test. I just want to make sure I dont get too big....yes it sounds somewhat silly.

Fire away guys!!!