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    First prohormone cycle - advice please

    so first off i'm not a newbie to training. im 22, been training for 5 years. stats are 5'11, 195 lbs, 10-11% bf. im trying to add some lean pounds and boost the strength. my training is a good 5 day split and my diet is good too. my lifestyle is good - no drinking, adaquete sleep, not too much junk food, etc.

    i can get some dbol or m1t for sure, and probably some other stuff. i will definitely be doing nolva, tribulus, and zma post cycle.

    what would be a good prohormone for my first cycle? i understand they can be bad for the liver. i was looking for something fairly mild that should still help me get me some good gains, with minimal side effects thats relatively safe. thanks

    *** i attached a pic of myself from about 6 months ago at 188 lbs just so you can see im not new to this
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    God luck with the cycle, not really into PH's. If your looking for a liver supplement you could look into UDCA, and make sure to get real pct chems for after the PH cycle. Good Luck.

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    If I were to do an oral only cycle it'd probably be anavar .

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