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    Schedule all frigged up

    Well it's 8:30 at night, I've had 3 meals some shakes and just getting ready to lift shortly after I post this. Sust is keeping me up, in the last 48 hours I've slept 6. This afternoon I finally crashed and got another 4 I could of slept longer but would of missed a whole day of diet and training to boot. So now I just dunno How to get this back on track. I've seen gains slow a lil, kinda discouraged. But it's early yet. I've read bunch of threads to help with sleeping, over the counter stuff makes me feel like shit, Benzos I can't put in my system. Multiple cups of warm milk not doing it, alcohol I tried is major counter productive, due to bloat and dehydration. I just don't feel as strong or pumped in last few days. I take time off to let my body rest, but I'm just resting not sleeping so I feel as though my body not building.

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    Melatonin, timed release. Walgreens or walmart, CVS, corner drugstore... They all have them. Helps boost serotonin levels. Time release because if you don't, you'll be up in 4 hours. If not, pop two benadryll.

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