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    Wanting to do first cycle

    I've been thinking about doing my first cycle ever. I am 30 years old but get confuses for an 18 year old all the time I'm 6'2" tall weight about 250lbs with 18% bf. I mainly do powerlifting but now just want to lower bf and gain some size. I have been offered some gear by a friend who has taken it but I haven't seen any positive results happen to him. I don't know if its him or the quality of his gear. I have been looking at either taking a test cycle or a hgh cycle. I know test works better and faster for size as does hgh but it takes longer to see results. I know the 2 together work great but its not advisable for a 1st cycle. So my questions are which testosterone should I take C,E,P? What pct should I use? How do I go about finding someone to help me aquire my gear that I'll need. Thanks in advance
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    first off you cant ask for help finding gear here, this isnt a source board. secondly if your looking to drop some weight and lower bf diet and cardio are what u need. the negative results your freind had could be a result of bunk gear or poor diet, if you dont know how to eat gear wont be as effective. get to the diet section and work out a diet that will meet your goals and read the educational threads as well as the pct stickies..

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