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    Steve's got a problem

    Hey guys Ill make this short as I possibly goes

    Im 26 years old and have been recently diagnosed with hypogonadtrophic hypogonadism(which means one or more of my hormones isnt acting right) In my case this is my FSH as proven by a a GNRH test (shoot u with HCG then measure your LH and FSH to see if they have increased at least 2 fold)

    The problem is my symptoms are managable and to be honest I have exxagerated how bad I feel in hopes of giving me more or better gear.The main sides are tiredness and lower sex drive.My test is low but not way low.

    BTW- this is not from use of AS, I had never done a cycle till after I found out, and I not only did it for strength and mass but to find out what gear would make me feel like. It did make me feel great phyisacally and mentally which was a big help.And i got tired of watin as all these tests took well over a year.

    So we are almost done all the tests and i think my endocrionoligst is going to give me the test as the next step.Probably my choice wheather cyp eth, oral or androgel ,obvoiusly i would lean with the injects but the dosage would probably be 200mg shot every 2 weeks.

    The problem is once your on the gear you have to be on it the rest of your life as the cycling eventually shuts your test completly down.So I am really confused as to what to do . I want to get big but also want to feel emotionally better too but dont know if life long shots are going to be worth it.Also there are issues involving becoming sterile too.

    The other problem is I want to start my 2nd cycle soon and cant really do it while on theraputic dosages by my doc because it will make all the follow up blood work and tests look like i have way too much test in my system.Thus stoopin any future injections ,if thats what i choose.

    What can I do in my situation?? i want to feel better but dont know if I want to sacrfice takin shots the rest of my life as well.ITs also the tempatation of geting the best quality gear for free and adminstered properly too.

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    I'd treat the problem and cycle. Don't go on HRT until you have to.

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