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    Two weeks left to cut up - Help please...

    Need some opinions. I have 20cc of Fina, 10 Winny Zambon amps, and about 5 Sus250 left. Also have some A50 and Dbols kicking around.

    I have about 3.5 weeks left to competition. At this time, should I just go with the Fina and Zambon every other day, or should I throw in some Sus, or Dbol to try and maintain some size. Been taking one sus every 4 days up to now, but figure that may keep me flat.
    Would the Fina and V be enough to dial it in hard?

    How much extra water would two sus per week, or 30mg dbol per day, or one a50 per day make the body hold.

    I currently weigh about 230 at 6'0.
    Any help ASAP appreciated...


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    I would just do the fina and winny at this point. No sus for sure.

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