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    Cutting up - Which AS to use? Which to cut out?

    Can Sus250 be used right up to a show to help maintain size.
    I have Zambon winny and Fina also. Also have some Dbol and A' kicking around.

    How much extra water will the body hold if I use the Sus, D, and A's?
    Or will the winny and fina maintain what I have for the last two weeks before a show? Just looking to lose a little more water/tighten up a bit more and wondering if the sus or tabs would hinder this.


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    I perfer to keep sust and dbols for bulking cycles since they lead to water retention. Stick with eq, fina, and prop. You will retain some water with the prop but not as much as you would with other esters and it will do the same job. Another thing you can do is run arimidex throughout the entire cycle. This will help with possible gyno sides and keep you water retention under control.

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    I don't recommend running any test right up to a show but you can run the winny/fina.

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