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Thread: Winny and Fina

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    Winny and Fina

    Winny and Fina cycle. Any suggestions?

    205 lbs.
    13-16% bf.
    Want to harden up and increase endurance and quickness.

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    Re: Winny and Fina

    Originally posted by Eagle
    Winny and Fina cycle. Any suggestions?

    Yes, one, and I'm not being disrespectful, but rather HELPFUL: use that search button, you'll get no replies with such a general question. I myself have answered quite a few of these and can only imagine how many some of the more senior members, as well as vets and mods have tackled...

    So, hit that search, there are PLENTY of threads on these two topics and it'll take very little sifting through of past threads to get some answers, then come back with more refined questions and you'll get PLENTY of help.

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    Big green is right.


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