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    Finally, cycle start

    After much (I mean a whole hell of) research, time, and planning I've started. It's amazing how when I came to this board my idea of a first cycle was so far from what I actually started with. I've become a student of the low dose cycle. Hopefully this will further clarify the ongoing debate as to which type of cycle is better for a first timer. Running QV test enth 250, 1cc weekly. First shot last Sat was pretty damn easy, since I had someone else shot me. A little sore for a couple of days but it was never extreme. So with that outcome I decided to do the deed myself. Hella nervous was I, so nervous in fact that the needle moved quite a bit during the injection, so I expect a bit more pain this time. Advil and heat should do the trick. I will be tracking my progress on a regular basis and will keep the board informed.

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    i was a student of the low dose cycle too, until one day my girlfriend asked me if i could bench as much as this fat guy in the gym. i knew i couldn't outbench him... went home and shot another 250mgs right into my ass.


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