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    need help

    I am 37 years old, been lifting weights since I was 15. I am doing my first cycle. After all these years of being natural( and building a decent body,placing no less the 3rd in the 4 contests that I have competed in)) I felt that I wanted to do this. I have been taking d-bol for 8 weeks, starting at 4 tabs a week, I went up to 6 a day. I am in week eigth and I am taking 4 tabs a day. I only plan on a 8 week cycle. I have also been taking testtoviron since week 4 at 250 mg a week. I have gained about 10 pounds of very solid muscle and have increased all of my lifts by reps and wieght. I havenít made the gains that I read other people have, but I have watched what I eat and had some of the best workouts of my life. All in all I am pleased with my results. I look hard and big ( 5í6"170 bls.). I just got sustonon 250 and deca 100mg. How do you inject sustatnon 250 and deca 100mg? Do I pull both of them into one syringe and take together or do I use two syringes? I was planning on doing a 14 week cycle; so now I was going to change the oral and stack deca & sustonon for the remaining six weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    dbol for 8 weeks is a bit too much IMO. Your liver is going to go into overdrive. Stick to 4 to 6 weeks on bol. And combining sus and deca is a wise decisions as well. Yes u can load them both into one syring. Do the deca at 400mg and the sus at 500 mg /week. Take shots twice a week, 3cc each. 1 cc of sus and 2 of deca. And that will take care of the 500mg/400mg a week.

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    If your going to stack for the next six weeks use 500mg of sust and 400 mg of deca dont taper in the end because you body will naturally taper off.

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    Ok here's what ya do - stop everything - wait for as long as you were on cycle before starting another - then start another 8wks cycle - this time do dbol for only wks 1-4 and start at 35mg/day all the way through 4wks no tapering - the sus and deca should be done at sus500 and deca400 so if you have deca 100 you will need 4ccs a week - that means two shots each containing 1cc of sus and two ccs of deca split up through the week - like sunday/wednesday etc - do these in rotation and start in the glutes - use clomid on wk 10 for 21days (50mg/day for 7days, 100mg/day for 7days, 50mg/day for 7days) be safe

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    Go with what Mike said, you don't want to over do it. Better safe than sorry, 8 weeks is a long time for D-Bol. You should see bigger and better results with the Sust/Deca cycle, so eat alot, work out hard, and rest even more then hit it up.

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