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    One of my buddies has been using steroids for about a year and is trying to turn me onto it. I am willing to try but im unsure about how the aftermath of the cycle is. Like how long does it last (the results you see from the cycle), should i stack it with something else during or after it? I realize that you need to take protein and what not with it but do you lose what you have gained from the cycle? Any info wold be helpful.

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    Welcome bro, first do some reseach on the site and the boards. You seem a litle young to be gettin into gear. There is a ton of info on this board.

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    There are many different ways to maintain gains while "getting off". You could get yourself some clomid and depending on what types of gear your going to use run it after your cycle. If your goin to run test, than the usual time to start the clomid therapy would be 3 weeks after your last injection. If it is goin to be something else than use the search im not to sure on them. when starting clomid, the first day take 300mg, the next 10 days run it at 100mg everyday. after the 10 days run it at 50mg for the next 10 days. aprox. 21 days of clomid to recover. this is your most important thing to do. keep training after your cycle, but train smarter with more rest, since you wont be able to recover as well. keep calories up and keep slammin the protein. some people like to start on creatine while or after their cycle. You could also take clen to help with the catabolic stage you will be for stacking, its up to you and how you feel about it, but stacking is always better than just taking one steroid . You could just use a mild one such as EQ. with all this in mind, there is no reason for you not to keep most if not all your gains. good luck bro!.

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    Yikes, your profile says you were born in 1985? I'm assuming that's not a typo. Stay on this forum for shits and giggles if you must, but you really belong SOLELY in the Lounge, Diet, Supplement and Workout forums. The amount of test you have running through your system right now (puberty - your first, and best, cycle) would cost you a pretty penny to pay for....and i'm too tired tonight to even get into the fact that the test you have now is legal and (virtually) side-effect free (comparatively speaking)

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    welcome to the board

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    Welcome to AR Bro. Don't do steroids because someones trying to turn you on. You have to more then willing, it has to be something that you've researched and know your ready for.

    I think your frind is trying to make a buck off you, if he's is going to be supplying your gear. But if you were born in 1985, you need to wait another 5 years.


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    I agree w/JohnnyB... 1985 shit your test levels are sky rocketing right now as we speak!! Tell your buddy no thanks. If he's born around the same time then oh well he's fucked!! he's not getting off easy, his growth plates could have a disfunction. Damb theres so many reasons why you shouldnt cycle right now.
    Tell ya what PM BigMike and he'll tell ya first hand about cycles at your age and why he's in w/ docyors with high blood pressure and unbalanced blood levels ]that they cant figure out. play it safe and take your time

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