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    Working out While Juicing.

    My buddy told me, i need to change my workout routine while on juice.
    So here it goes. While im on juice how many sets and reps would i need to do per bodypart while on juice?

    Any imputs are welcomed.


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    you can train more intensely while on gear. you should be able to work with more weight while on due to strength increases from androgens and water retention. i wouldnt up frequency or anything like that.

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    This is where you begin to learn about your body and what it can handle mine for example is able to workout every muscle group 2 times a week. i get great results. but this does not work for everyone. some can only work out one muscle group a week. but if i were you i would do some experimenting and find out what you respond to better, also i wouldn't add more sets, just lift more intense. i usually keep the workout with 4 diffrent exercises for that muscle with 3 sets in each = 12 sets total.

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    Depends on your goals (strength, hypertrophy, endurance...) and you personal feedback from what you have gathered naturally about what makes you grow or get stronger.

    Basically you can assume that your level of fatique from training will be less dramatic and overcompensation pronounced. Because of which you can boost the intensity for major hypertrophy or allow greater increases in strength from quicker adaption... or supercompenation... I did a graph on this last week...

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    Train harder than normal and eat better and you will see good results most likely depending on your cycle

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