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    summer cycle please critique.

    will be my 4th cycle. 6'1'' 230, 12%bf. only used test e and dbol before. want to maintain size and not drop below 225, adding quality gains that wont disappear like they have with my 3 previous test only cycles(i only managed to keep about half every time). so how about this:

    wk 1-10 test en 250 mg/week(1cc)
    wk 1-10 eq 500mg/week(5cc)
    wk 7-12 winny tabs 50mg/day
    clomid wk 12-14.

    i would inject every mon and thurs. (.5 cc test- 2.5 cc eq each time.)

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    Hey bro, what i would recommend is increasing the test and decreasing the eq. Something like this...

    weeks 1 - 12 500mgs enant
    weeks 1 - 12 400mgs eq
    weeks 10 - 15 50mgs winny ed

    3 days after last winny tabs start clomid


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    thanks og

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    Yep OG's got it!

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