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    help puffy nippels

    i have puffy nippels but when i get in the shower they look fine or when im cold they look fine but if its hot out they are puffy .can any one help i have done some test but i have done a good pct .my body fat is around 15 to 18 %

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    Try posting some pics

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    sounds like bf% to me. check diet .

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    dont kno
    Stop playing with them and you will be ok. Na jk post us a pic mate.

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    THO Titty Hard On hahaha

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    have you ever had it before?

    I had gyno surgery two years ago (natural hadnt touched anything. had gyno since i could remember)

    anywho, after surgery I still get puff in the nipp and it sucks. like you shower, pinch ect and look fine..

    here latley, I got my fat% down and on my fourth month on neutropin AQ gh and I do not have the issue anymore.

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    Id say it is a BF thing... Do you have a hard lump behind the nipples?

    As I gained bodyfat over a 15 week period while on cycle I was constantly paranoid that I was getting gyno, it is just a mind game tho LOL... Its just the BF going up a little....

    I know the difference because when I have gyno coming on i get a hard ball type lump behind my nipple... A few days of adex at 1mg sorts that out tho
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