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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    I will be starting my first cycle very soon, just want a bit of advice first!

    cycle will be:
    test e 500mg PW (10 weeks,hopefully 12 if i can get more)
    dbol 30-50mg a day (4 weeks)

    I have read a lot of different theories on gyno control and just wanted to make sure I have got it sorted before i start!
    I have got nalvafen on hand and my source is very set in stone about not needing an AI.. but after reading so many different things on here and other websites it seems like its the best way to be using an AI..?
    So should i wait until i can get some or will the nalva be good enough?

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    Your source must not have an AI to sell you. You should always keep one on hand, You don't know how your body will react to the test, and if you start to get gyno your going to be in trouble.

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    30mg dbol ed will surpass for a 1st cycle no need for 40 or even 50 just over kill on the liver. take milk thistle also.

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    1st cycle should be test only that way if you have any problems you know wats causing it.Save the Dbol for later.wats your bf% how long you been in the gym?

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    ok good news I should be able to get some off my source now!
    bf is around 12% and im still cutting, not going to start until i am happy with my bf levels/how i look.
    At home training 1-2 years, gym 3 years serious.
    I forgot to mention i have done a dbol (triple x)only cycle and got on well with it..

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