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    AM i doin this right

    hi im 23 been trainning since 16 last few years got serious i have a 10% body fat n 5ft 11 tall. i have started a cycle of 5 weeks dinabol tabs at 30mg a day. also in week 2 goin to start T3 to help that body fat aswel as diet n cardio. I am planning on talkin nolvadex the day after my last tab for 4 weeks what dosage would be best n is this cycle any good i dnt want to go straight to injections they comin about cycle 2 / 3 and dont want to take to many steroids at once incase i have a reaction i know what is the cause any help and advice?

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    You really shouldn't be running AAS before 25yrs old, and dbol only isn't steroids light compared to injectable test.

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    1st of all, @ 23 yrs old, ur gona hav trouble gettin any1 here 2 advise u. But I will say this, NO, ur not "doin this right". If u had done any significant research u would know that 30 mg. / ED of D-bol for 5 wks is a waste of time & muny. U would also know how much Nolva 2 use 4 how long. A very popular slogan / moto around here is "Educate before you medicate", Live by that bro. This is a small mistake, but if u dont slow down & educate urself, u could hurt urself very bad.

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    Holy crap cycle! dbol and T3? What about pct? so many people dive into this without any knowledge.

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