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    Cutting with both clen and juice?

    Is it wise to cut with clen , eca and some OralTurinabol when cutting.

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    a cycle that involves clen and eca you asking for? Are you needle shy, if not.

    wk1-8 Tren 75mg/ed
    wk1-8 Prop 50mg/ed
    wk3-8 winny 50mg/ed
    Run your clen 2 weeks, then 2 weeks of eca, then back to clen, and back to eca. Start clomid 3 days after last shot of tren/prop.

    Edit - only prob - is tren/clen might give you high blood pressure while on - so watch that.

    If you are needle shy - you could run:
    eq wk1-12 400mg/ew
    cyp wk1-12 3-500mg/ew
    winny wk10-15 50mg/ed
    clomid day after last winny shot.

    Is that what you were looking for?
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