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Thread: After inject

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    After inject

    If you inject 1 cc of QV Enan and 1 cc of TT EQ into your shoulder how long should it take for lump to go down if you have a little one. My first one went away after 2 days. Just wondering if that is normal.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    It varies on how your body reacts to not only the AS but the BA and sterility of the injection, amount of movement while injecting, speed of injection, etc... sometimes you can develop a nice welt that will last for 3 weeks, other times it's a small one and still better - none at all! So I'm not sure there's a "correct" answer for this one.

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    2 days is normal. Absorption of the oil will also vary depending on which muscle you inject into. Lumps in my delts take about three to four days to go away but my pecs only take about two. Slow down the injection and that might help a little.

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