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    very important question

    ok Im doin a 12week cycle of test enan 500g's wk & 400mg's equpoise a week. im 5'6" 176lbs 15% bf
    Now if i eat SUPER CLEAN but not quit enough to gain weight can i DRASTICALLY reduce my body fat by replacing body fat with muscle but keeping my weight around what it is now at 176.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    That would be a cutting cycle - and yes, you should be able to hold the muscle while dropping the fat... Ya might wanna throw in an ECA every 2 weeks as well to help.

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    My first cycle was 200mgs. test a week along with 200mgs. deca a week. And I managed to up my bench about 45-50 lbs. while shrinking my waist a couple inches and firming up all over. It is definitely possible to gain muscle and lose fat, people do it everyday. Though you won't get the same strength or dense muscle gains you would get if you were trying to bulk up. Make sure that you eat really clean and spread your meals out into 4-6 small ones. If you combine that with a committed weight program and maybe 20-30 minutes of cardio 4 days a week, you should have no problems.

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    clean diet & cardio...

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    Throw in some liquidex with your cycle too. If you're cutting you want minimal water retention.

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    make sure you get your protein. lots of it. If you dont get enough and cut youll go catabolic and burn muscle, and thats never good.

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