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    Syn-flex for Tennis Elbow

    I have tennis elbow right now and hurts like hell....I was recently told be a chiropractor to try Syn-flex. He said it was the **it. Just ordered some so don't know yet. Any one else tried this stuff before?
    the pain was so bad I had to quit upper body for about 6 months. The pain is a little more bearable now and I am ready to start another cycle should I wait till the pain is totally gone?

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    Years ago I read an article on tennis elbow advocating forearm work. I had tried all sorts of things, including prescription anti inflammatories. After a week of light forearm work the tennis elbow was gone. I eventually got a gripper and whenever this problem started I just did a lot of reps and problem Its a mechanical problem and doesnt need any supplements. just do the forearm work and you will be well rapidly.

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    Stretch the foreman a lot and hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. Also apply heat and massage the area. Tendons get very little blood supply so that's why it takes so long to heal. Make a search on google for tennis elbow exercises.

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    50mgs vioxx helps me some.


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