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Thread: GH Gut

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    GH Gut

    I was thinking of buying some gh but I heard of gh gut what is in it that makes you have it just wondering?

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    I think it has to do more with Insulin and Growth combined. Either way you won't be doing enough to have that happen.

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    I have heard it is only a side when you get into the 10IU+ a day range.


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    like rickso said itsbothe combined the isulin cuase the large intestine to grow and swell up puching the stomach out creating the so called Gh gut plus the ius that those pople take are very high !like ironmaster said after so muny ius ,its useless ,the only thing thathappens with more ius is a grater effetc of lipolisis thats it ,ur bosy prodused antibodys against high amounts of gh , the only people that dont have these antibodys are the ones with the 2 diseases that cuase the enlarger bone stucture and organs ,better to to run 3-4 ius for longer ,as its one of those things where the longer the ebtter the resaults .courtesy of iron ,the man him self !
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