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    Thumbs up PLEASE give input of this crazy stack!!!!

    Whats up bros? I am so sorry for bothering the shit out of you guys with all these questions, but I know you guys can help! I got a good source for all the things listed, but I am just not sure what direction to go. I wanted to use Testoviron Depo 2cc per week - weeks 1-8
    Equipose 600 mg per week - weeks 1-8
    Finabolon 1cc Every o day - weeks 1-3
    D-bol 8 per day - weeks 1-4
    Anadrol 3 per day - weeks 5-6
    With this stack what protection supplements do I need? I would also like to use some B12 Vitamin, but I do not know how many to buy or how much to use per day or week? How many cc's are in 1 bottle of Finabolon and how many mg's are in one bottle of Equpoise? I need to know so I can buy the right amount for the above cycle. If you would PLEASE answer all the above questions it would help me out GREATLY. Thanks a bunch

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    Drop teh a50's. No reason to run them and dbol in the same cycle.... UNless you are trying to kill your liver..

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    CD said it all...running Dbol and A50's (any two oral that are toxic) at the same time is not a good idea. Very dangerous for liver values and future health!!!

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    I agree the A50's are complete overkill. Also what are the dosages on the dbols? You say 8 per day? are those 5mg tabs or 10mg tabs?

    IMHO, sell the A50's and get some test.

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