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    Post Cycle Question

    Whatup guys. Im coming to the end of a 10 week cycle... 500 sust, 200 deca , last three weeks were winny 50mg ed. I have clomid, nolva and HCG . I am planning on basic clomid therapy for three weeks after my last shot, but I am a little confused as to the HCG and nolva administration. I havent noticed any testicular shrinkage as my dosages were low enough, and no sexual problems. I am primarily concerned with maintenance of my gains moreso than reversing any hormonal problems or anything. With my doses so low, is there a need to run HCG, or would the clomid be enough to get me back into natural training? Also, I know some of yuo have said that nolva and clomid are great togther, and I was wondering how i should do them together. Any suggestions would help, thanks guys. Happy Lifting.


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    clomid should be plenty if you have not had any symptoms of gyno, plus your low dosages...because the deca is active for 3 weeks after the last injection, i would not start it until 3 weeks after the last shot. I just keep nolvadex handy incase of signs of gyno or n e thing else...
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