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    No jumpstart with sust eod.

    Ok If you're going to do Sust at 750mg/wk eod, you shouldn't need dbol or drol to jumpstart the cycle. The reason being is that you'll have the Prop from the sust to jumpstart the cycle. Correct?

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    Ya the prop will help but that is a really small amount of sust, about 30mg EOD, that wont jump start you to much. I am planning a sust cycle soon and I am still planning on jumping it with Dbol or extra prop.


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    I'm running it now like this.........................
    D-bol 30mg ed wk 1-4
    Sus. 750mg ew 250mg each Mon/Wed/Fri
    Eq. 600mg ew 200mg each Mon/Wed/Fri
    Started this 1 1/2 wks ago and can feel the d-bol starting to kick....

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    or if you are doing just sust you could add .75cc of 100mg/ml prop. That way you would be getting about 100mg of prop eod and run the extra prop for wk1-3 or 1-4. That will get you the jump you want with less sides like bloat from the dbol .

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