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Thread: Next cycle help

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    Next cycle help

    I recently just finished a cycle of:
    Deca 400mg/wk Wk1-10
    Sus 250mg/wk Wk1-10
    Had good results and am I am currently finishing up clomid therapy. Gained about 21 lb of hard muscle, down about 7 lb of water weight now.
    I just got my gear for my next two cycles and was thinking this:

    Summer cycle
    Deca 300mg Wk 1-10
    Test E 250mg Wk1-10
    Clomid and hcg (if needed) after, nolva on hand. Just a small cycle for the summer.

    Fall/Winter bulk:
    Deca 200mg Wk 1-10
    Sus 250mg Wk 2-12
    Test Cyp Wk 1-10
    Eq 200mg Wk 2-12
    Clo, hcg, and nolva on hand. On this cycle I am just not sure how to run the gear, should I run it all Wk 1-10 or stagger it a little?

    Stats 194, 5-10, 6% Bf
    315 bench, 405 squat, 17" arms
    Good natural base before gear

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    I would run the sust 3x a week. 750mg/wk and the deca at 300-450mg/wk. Mainly run the sust at 3x a week to get the most from the short esters. Otherwise if you are going to run 4-500mg of test I would just run test E/cyp cuz you aren't really using the esters to their full advantage. Also - it is already april and you "Just" finished 10 weeks and want to do 20-22 more weeks this year. I think this is alot. that work about to doing aobut 32 weeks of aas in about 40-45 weeks. I think you need more time off. Take at least equal time off to the time you were on. Also have you thought about running something besides deca/test? Maybe Eq or tren ? hope this helps.

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