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    Recommended Dosedages? (Test - Deca - EQ)

    I have 20 ml of Deca 200mg - 30 ml of Test 200mg - and 50 ml of EQ 50mg. How should I cycle them? Should I take all three? Are they all compadable? And at what dosages (mg.s) should I take these compound, and for how long - 6 - 8 - 12 weeks?

    I guess what Im asking is for someone, anyone, everyone to give me some assistance in putting together a nice sized, bulk building, cycle. Can Anybody help me out?

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    u could use all three but i would eitehr do deca or eq as they are very much alike and compete for the same receptors,if ur looking to bulk run the deca if ur lookin for lean b mass,then use the eq ,but man 50 mg whoooo,thats goona be a lo of oil and inject to get up to 400 mg swhich is the lowest id do on eq,8 ccs a week .400 eq - 400 test ,10-12 weeks .

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