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    you have one hour!!!!

    im at the start of week 8 of my ten week d-bol, test enanthate (500mg/week) cycle,. ive put on good size while not gaining too much bf, in week 7 i found out i was sensitive to all the EVIL E floating around and ive had to take 40mg nolva a day to keep my nips from getting sore, i took one tab yesterday and they were a bit sore, w

    what i am saying is that i had planned to make this a 10 week cycle, but i dont want to continue for another three weeks takeing handfulls of nolva, is it worthless to load my last four amps of enanthate 250 (testoviron ),

    please respond quickly as i cant stop staring at my gear and want to shoot it all!!!!!!!1

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    Mike Guest
    I am in aggreement with JJ

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    Its like saving stuff for a rainy day no harm in stopping early

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    i think gpig is asking if he should shoot the rest of his gear all at once then be done.
    if so i dont suggest it,thats the reason your growing tits to bgin with,stop now and save it for next time and use diffrent precautions next time

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    quit and save it for next cycle. Doing your amps all at once or spread thru the remaing 3 weeks is not the option here, cause the outcome is the same: Titties.

    I dont consider stopping at week 8 cutting it short anyways, I never do more than 8 weeks. Also add arimidex at 1mg ed now if you have it. You can run ari 6 weeks post cycle (dropping to 1/2mg eod), it helps re-establishing your natural test as well.

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