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    what would you do?

    I'm going to be taking my 4th cycle soon. My previous 3 cycles have been spaced out over 2 years, and I've used dbol once for a month on my very first cycle (January of 2000), so keep that in mind.

    I'm definitely using Dbol for the first 5 weeks in conjuction with equipose for 9 weeks. After dbol I'll use winstrol , clen , and t3, followed up with clomid upon total completion. I *might* use some test during the dbol, and I'll also use 2 shots of HCG after the dbol is done. What I was think is the following:

    GEAR W1......W2.....W3....W4....W5....W6........W7....W 8....W9
    dbol 30mg/d..25/d...20/d..15/d..15/d
    equi 300mg...300....300....300...400...400.......400... 300...200
    t3................................................ .........50mcg/d..100....50
    clen proper pyramid usage for week 6, 7, and 8
    clomid proper usage starting week 10 or 11 for 2 weeks

    I have 2,100 mg of winstrol (50mg pills)
    should I do it 50mg/d week 6, 100mg/d week 7 and 8 and then 50 again week 9 or should I do it 100mg/d week 6, 7, and 8?

    If I use test, it'll probably be lower dosage (200-300 mg/week). I definitely want to gain some mass but come off looking good, hard, and lean.
    *ALSO* instead of the dbol starting out at 30, 25, and 20, does anyone think keeping it at 25 for the first 3 weeks would be more effective?

    One more thing, I've been reading the board for the past few months but this is my first post. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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    Fist dont taper the equip or the dbal bring both of them up eq 400-600mg per week and the dbal 40-50mg per day. Do 50mg per day of winnie last three weeks in you cycle. If you can and money allows it run test 400-500mg per week for the whole cycle. Wait two to three weeks after you last shot to run you clomid and run it the way you talked about Run your dbal the first four weeks only

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