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    roids & probation

    Here's some advice for anyone that gets into trouble with AS and gets regularly tested. Make sure that they test the base levels of roids when you have to start your random drops. In my case I get randomly dropped, usually about once a week. I started probation about 8 months ago and they have had the option to test me for juice whenever they feel like it along with all the other rec drugs that they normally test for. Well, the probation officer calls me yesterday telling me that I dropped dirty for Nandralone about a month ago. Most of us know that you can drop dirty for Deca for approximately 18 months or so. I have been clean and doing everything that I am suppose to. I have only 4 months left to go on probation. Hopefully they will accept the facts and I will not get screwed for their lack of knowledge on the subject. I will throw a fit if they try to extend my probation!!!! This is sooo fu*ked!!!!

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    damn dood best of luck, what if you get hit for rec drugs, do they test you for roids? most people have so no, because testing for steroids is difficult/expensive and that you have to be lookin gfor a specific steroid ...

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    I can't even believe that they're testing u for Roids. I mean, I know they can if they want to but it sounds like your PO might have a hard on for you.
    I was on probation too awhile back so I know what your going through.
    Sounds like he's not going to violate you for this though cuz you probably would be in jail already.

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    Never really thought about that but it is a good point. Now you are probably going to have spend more money on a lawyer and expert just to get it cleared up. I hope everything works out for you.

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    I've never heard of anyone being tested by a p.o. for AAS. My guess is that your original charge was steroid related. Correct? "mbaraso" is right, if he was gonna violate you, I think he would've done it by now. Well, best of luck bro.! It's obsurd to be treated like a criminal because of AAS!

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    i get off probation April 10th...i have been on federal paper for a year...i did some deca about 6 months b4 i got popped and i never tested positive on any of my tests....guess i got lucky cause i know my gear was legit..

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