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    Does taking true cortisone (not hydrocortisone) or cortef hinder gains?

    I am doing a cycle of

    1-10 400 mg per week deca
    1-10 500 per week of test ethanate
    1-4 30 mg per day dbol
    1-10 25 mg per day of proviron
    clomid and hcg per cycle

    my current med prescript is 5 mg 3 times daily, but from my research it seems to bind to the same receptors as AAS does..anyone got experience with this?? i searched the boards high and low and i found info on cortef..but not how it impacts gains..i mean i would rather deal without the xanax for my cycle if it impacts it..please post a reply and dont just read this..thanks!

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    corticord steroids can hinder gains at larger doses - but at those doses, you neednt worry about it IMO

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    i take predisone between 5mg's and 15mg's daily. Hard to say if it hurts my gains. But i make good gains and have no complaints.
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