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    Calling All Experts!!!

    Ive been lifting for 12years. Im 184pounds and am 17% body fat. I plan on doing a cycle 3months long of equipoise 400 milligrams per week and test enanthate 500 milligrams per week. My goal is to change my body and try to ripp up.
    Can I through: proper diet, cartdio, and this cycle get down to 10% or lower in body fat by the end of june, BUT STILL WEIGHING AROUND 184lbs(10%bf or lower)
    Also even though Im dieting can I still pack on some muscle pounds(with this cycle) while dropping fat pounds?

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    Whoh, I wouldn't think so once you start dropping the fat and water weight you going to loose some weight but along the lines you could maintain and somewhat gain some LBM. but I wouldn't count on staying at 184 lbs and loosing 7% of the fat off you body.

    >> p.s.>> I am no expert this is JMO
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    You're going to need some liquidex in there as a start, but I wouldn't expect to drop 7% bf in one cycle tho. Not without DNP at least. I'd say shoot for a 3-4% bf% loss.

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    i dont see you loosing 7% on that cycle, in fact i bet youd gain a few % focus on diet and cardio and then come back and work on a cycle....youll have an easier time keeping the fat off during your cycle if you know how to eat properly before hand....Madmax..

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