I got bronchitis on my cycle witch includes oral winstrol 50mg. I'v only been on a week. Dr. prescribed me Azithromycin but i looked up liver toxicity with it and i dont think theres anyway in hell i'd take it with winnie. I told the Dr. i was on it and that it was a C-17, and i had heard the "z-pak" was a little harder on the liver than most antibiotics so i was worried about added liver stress. He said alkylation is a different pathway than Azithromaz, so it wouldn't matter. I felt better after he said that, but decided to do a little research when i got home. Turns out there have been lawsuits and deaths due to just zithromax alone. Even if i stopped the winnie i'd still feel nervous about taking it due to whatever stress the win already caused. I think i may go back and ask for another antibiotic