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    Nolvadex and others...should i use it?

    i'm actually in my post cycle phase:
    i had a short cycle (7 weeks) , my last shot of enanthate was 21 days ago and ended cylce yesterday with winny. Today i started Clomid therapy but i've also heard of using anti-es like nolva...should i use it? (i can get it anytime) and what about Proviron ? is it useful in post cycle recovery?

    mind that this was a sort of bridge cyle...i'm planning to do a bigger one (a 10-11 w bulkin cycle) starting mid of May.

    Finally a curiosity: how long after clomid therapy (and a weak cycle like mine) is it safe to run another cycle?

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    You do not need to use nolva after the cycle, however, for your next cycles try to keep some nolva on hand if you do not want to have bitch tits. Also, forget about proviron for post cycle, because it consists of mesterolon, which will bind to your test. receptors, so your test. levels may not come back to normal shortly because of that.

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    If your starting back on monday, keep doing the winny until you start. Clomid isn't going do anything for you. Your shut down and starting on monday is going to keep you shut down. Don't waste the clomid if you going to start again on monday.


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