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Thread: Summer Cycle

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    Summer Cycle

    Hey guys,
    I was just trying to put together something for summer. Here's what I m workin with:
    Prop 4000mg
    Equi 4000mg
    Winny 2000mg
    Heres how I was thinkin of running it:
    Prop 1-11 weeks 100mg EOD
    Equi 1-8 500mg weekly
    Winny 6-11 50mg daily
    Liquidex 1-13 not sure on the dosage with this small of an amount of test
    Clomid of course for weeks 11-13
    Is this the best way for me to run this cycle? Any oppinions are appreciated!

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    Thanks for the response. I guess i could break it down like this:
    Prop 1-13 100mg EOD
    Equi 1-10 400mg week
    Winny 8-13 50mg ED
    Clomid 13-16
    I m not entirely sure on the dosage of liquidex and also when clomid should be started. I believe clomid is started 3 weeks after last shot of equi so I wanna run the prop and winny till I start clomid. Any help with this would be appreciated.


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    I agree with hercules. Run the eq at least 10 weeks 400mg per week and pick up a little more prop and run it with the whinny until week 13. I ran prop 50 mg per day in a cycle and did not get alot of results. you might want to up to 100mg per day or throw in some test e. jmo

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