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    ist cycle change

    Here is a revision to my 1st cycle

    600sust weekly 10 weeks
    600deca weekly 10 weeks
    30mg d-bol daily
    clomid starting week 13
    possibly armidex?

    Is the deca to high?(i hurt my shoulder, my doc shot it with a steroid and cort., it should be ok in 2 weeks when i start)
    I was going to run 400 weekly but i thought 600 would help my shoulder.

    How many weeks should i take the d-bol?

    And whats everyone's opinion on armidex?

    by the way I'm 6" 185 38 yr old , 1 year heavy lifting

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    D bol

    Go 4 weeks with the D bol, and get some milk thistle to help the ol liver.

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    looks good brother, with 600mgs you start pushing the border of safety from prog gyno, depends how prone you are

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