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    new dianabol cycle

    hi guys, names daniel! i am a first time user to steroifds. kinda scared but i made this d-bol cycle for 8 weeks wit hanti-estrogens and clomid. can you guys look it over and comment before i start. just to make sure!
    I strongly appreciate any feedback, positive or negative i dont care. any thing is good rite now. im 200 pounds and 9 % body fat at the moment.
    Lets get started !

    column 1 = week
    column 2 = dianabol
    column 3 = proviron
    column 4 = novaldex
    column 5 = clomid

    week 1 15mg/day 25mg/day
    week 2 15mg/day 25mg/day
    week 3 15mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day
    week 4 15mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day
    week 5 15mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day
    week 6 15mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day
    week 7 10mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day
    week 8 5mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day

    week 8.5 2.5mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day

    week 9 0 mg/day 25mg/day 20mg/day 100mg/day

    for clomid i plan ot take 300 mg of clomid on day 1 and 100 mg for 10 days and continue for 2 more weeks, i wil lalso keep using anti-estrogens for a few more weeks

    now will this solidify my gains. i wanna keep my gains!
    do i need to add in clenbuterol ?
    Please help ! Thank You =)
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    what are your stats and what are your goals. I don't see much happening with a d-bol only cycle and those #'s

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    This is not enough exogenous androgenic activity to give you results past what your endogenous androgens will give you. If you want something basic and simple run Test Prop with the Proviron ... 50/50mg ED. Dbol is better to start a cycle with long esters than by itself... and 15mg ED [100mg per week of any androgen] will do very little. And larger amounts of dbol by itself will give you gains that are hard to keep.

    Better option:

    Weeks 1-8: Testosterone Propinate 50mg ED
    Weeks 1-8: Proviron 50mg ED

    Start loading Clomid 2 days after last shot.

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