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    My nips have hurt for awhile, please help :(

    Greetings all, its been awhile!

    About 9 months ago, I finished up a cycle consisting of Fina, winstrol , Clen and stacking with ECA.

    I never used any clomid or any natrual boosters, its never caused any problems in the past.

    My freaking nipples have been sore for about the entire time since I quit. I always though that it went away, even with out clomid. Is it possible its from my cycle? And my Test levels are still not "normal"?

    I've noticed a small lump right on my left nipple, no on the skin of course, its under and its very tender.

    Thanks for the help as always guys


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    You need to get some anti estrogen right away. It sounds like you a some gyno.

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    i agree with ron........

    the gyno is obviously progesterone related, as winny aromatizes at a very low rate.
    bromo, cabergoline, pergolide, and high doses of b6 will all fix the problem to a degree, depending on how far along it is.
    choose your anti-e and get on with it as soon as possible.

    peace IFL79

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    J have the same problem... j dont know what to do.. How about u?

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