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Thread: what anavar

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    what anavar

    I am just wondering what is the best brand of anavar (oxandrolone) out there, I know that Ttokkyo is good and that is what i have, i am woderinging if there is better out there, like if the shit from europe is kickass or what, just curious. one more question, does anyone know if there is a protein ar out there with some insane amount protein in it, i am lokng for a bit of a easier way to take in protein, eating over 300 grams is kiler, that is a workout in its self. thanks

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    anavar is anavar as long as its real. As for protein, there plenty out there, Prolab's Pure Whey is a good brand and is economical.

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    looks like were on the same track here b/c i was asking the same ????recently. as far as brands go you have a few choices. **'s var (hope you know who that is) seems to get good rating. as well as a new SPA generic. TTOKKYO for some reason gets alot of heat ive actually heard rumors of people getting gyno from it suggesting that it may contain D-bol in it (NOT GOOD) who knows, it expensive anyway. Ofcourse you have american product, but most people cant afford that. Look around do some searching info comes quicker than you think. Protien ?? i never had a prob eating my protein b/t chix/cottage cheese/bars/steak/shrimp/shakes.....if you mix it up right you should be a-ok.


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    far as brands go you have a few choices. **'s var (hope you know who that is) seems to get good rating. as well as a new SPA generic.
    Not sure on the first, but is the spa generic any good... I have heard they been tested,..,,,

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    i used anavar form ttokkyo a while back....iit was aweosme for strntgh .. i actually did itto for picthing though.. so i waskinda diffrnt then what you are looking for... buti will say this.. it was great for strength but didnt do much for an overall look as far as i could tell

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    Anavar would be the shit if I could find it. Can't get it in the Middle East for some reason, they told me they haven't carried it in this country for about 5 years or so. Have everything else though

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