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    T-400, anadrol50 ,equipoise

    what do u guys think about stacking T-400, anadrol50 and, equipoise
    T400 1cc on mon,wed,fri
    equipoise200 2cc on mon,wed,fri
    anadrol50 150mg day for 5weeks

    t400 and equipoise 12weeks
    anadrol 50 5weeks

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    are you saying you want to take 1200mg of test/week. and the same of eq??? WAY too much bro

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    thats a ridiculous amount of gear. what are your stats/goals/cycle history?

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    that is over three grams of gear a week!!

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    I like that cycle, but I think that might be doing too much anadrol for too long. Maybe do 50mg of dbol for 5 weeks. Afterall, oxymetholone (anadrol) has been linked to cancer at high dosage long term exposure. Its dosages and lengths of time beyond what anyone would reasonably do, but I just don't like the idea of taking a carcinogen, even at doses not YET proven to be carcinogenic. Anyway...there are other concerns much more immediate than cancer. Anadrol makes some people feel like shit, whereas dbol actually gives some people a good sense of well-being by interfering with dopamine in the brain. Also, I would use arimidex with that cycle, because of water retention issues. You can leave the anadrol in, but 150mg is alot, and i would keep it to only 3 or 4 weeks.


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